2015 in Review

Steve Schmieder | Jan 19, 2016

“Sometimes you have to look back in order to understand the things that lie ahead.”

— Yvonne Woon

In the spirit of reflection, we’ve curated the following articles that were the most popular in 2015.

We hope this compilation helps not only to jog the memory of your journey in 2015 but also to inspire and strengthen your 2016. Enjoy!


Choosing Between Heart and Mind

Finding the right balance between consumers’ emotions and intellect can make all the difference in crafting a meaningful message.



Will Student Debt Ignite the Next Financial Crisis?

The rising level of student loan debt not only affects the finances of borrowers but could impact the overall economy and even influence the upcoming presidential election.



Success Story: 4 Basics for Improving Efficiency in Paid Search

A client specializing in the consumer retail industry decided to refine their paid search campaign, and the positive results speak for themselves. Discover how a strong paid search campaign can work for you.



Collaboration Is Key to Differentiation and Success

Launching a new product in an established marketplace requires strategy, creativity and a little silo busting.


Pertinent Posts: Crafting Social That Hits the Mark

Blue Flame Thinking has been working with clients to serve social content that is timely, relevant and compelling for years. From tweets to posts to blogs, find out more about crafting a winning, ongoing social campaign.



Business Blockbusters: Exploring the Possibilities of Video

Videos are increasingly becoming an important part of many digital campaigns. Learn more about how this medium may open channels for your company.
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