3 Questions With Senior Account Manager Sam Suranne

Sam Suranne Account Manager at Blue Flame Thinking

Whether it’s teaching herself guitar or working to understand the consumer mindset, Sam Suranne, who joined Blue Flame Thinking as a senior account manager in late October, doesn’t shy away from a challenge. And with seven years of experience working with healthcare clients for firms like AbelsonTaylor, she brings a wealth of knowledge along with her fresh perspective.

What else do you need to know about Sam—other than you don’t want to challenge her on Harry Potter trivia? Well, here are three questions to get you started.

In a profession where days are measured in meetings and unread emails reach three digits by noon, what’s your secret for staying organized?

To-do lists! I live by them both in my personal and professional life.

Care to share your favorite tip for maintaining high-energy productivity throughout the day?

Find the perfect playlist or a podcast specific to what you need to accomplish. Whether it’s several songs to help pump you up and stay motivated or your favorite murder-mystery podcast to keep the mind active during busy work, I find it’s a great way to stay focused.

What is your favorite place you’ve never been to?

Egypt. I was always obsessed with ancient Egypt growing up and really hope to have the opportunity to explore its pyramids, artifacts and museums one day.

Thanks, Sam Suranne! We’re excited to learn from all the client insights you uncover!