A Payback With a Payoff: How a Timely Rebate and Targeted Strategy Led to Rapid Growth

Mike Meyers | Feb 08, 2016


We all know that in the world of marketing, timing is everything. This is especially true when you are developing a digital media strategy—or when you want to showcase a special program. Brands can move the revenue needle with a smart mix of highly targeted digital media and the right offer at the right time. A combination of paid search, targeted display and retargeting can result in high click-through rates, strong conversions and impressive cost-per-lead metrics.

The trick is reaching hot prospects who have either self-identified as being in the market for what you’re selling or have shown some interest on your site. Higher funnel tactics, such as digital display, can help feed consumers into your messaging—which should be constantly tested and refined.

Consider the case of Pentair, a global leader in swimming pool, spa and aquatic equipment. Pentair doesn’t sell its pool products directly to consumers. So, they asked Blue Flame Thinking to help promote a $100 rebate on their highly energy-efficient IntelliFlo® pool pump. We developed simple, hard-hitting messaging and delivered it with an essential mix of targeting specificity, scale and flexibility.

The results? Pentair enjoyed more than 26 million impressions, a 40.79% redemption conversion rate and over $700,000 in total program profit. Talk about being pumped up about a promotion!



If you’re ready to put a new, precise focus on your digital media strategy, Blue Flame Thinking is ready to help. Contact Steve Schmieder at or 312.327.5120.


Mike Meyers - Creative Writer

Mike has been using his unique creative talents to craft award-winning communications for over 30 years. He enjoys helping clients find their better and building websites that make others feel at home.

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