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Gayle Ronan | Sep 16, 2015

For over 60 years, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling® (NFCC), the nation’s largest and longest-serving nonprofit financial counseling organization, has had a mandate: help provide debt relief and financial empowerment to whomever seeks it. What it’s found is that more of those seeking relief these days have student debt issues. Through its website, StudentLoanHelp.org, the NFCC now offers assistance specific to student loan borrowers.

While the student loan-specific site undergoes a design change to make it easier to navigate, Blue Flame Thinking is helping the organization broaden its role as a resource for managing student loan debt.

Through weekly posts to the organization’s blog, we’ve been working with the NFCC to create articles that reinforce its subject matter expertise, while highlighting the value debt counseling offers those who are struggling with decisions involving their student debt. The topics we’ve chosen for these articles range from how student debt affects married couples to the evolution of student debt into a political theme championed by many of the current presidential candidates.

Regardless of the topic, the goal is to position the NFCC’s StudentLoanHelp.org site as a go-to source on a very complex topic. We hope to accomplish this by following a few basic steps:

  1. Make it of interest. Choose subjects that are on your target audience’s mind.
  2. Leave them feeling smarter. If someone gives you a few minutes of their busy day, pay it off by advancing their understanding of a topic that interested them enough to stop and read.
  3. Be consumable. Even with a well-researched posting, be concise—we are all suffering from short attention spans these days.
  4. Keep it conversational. The best use for social media is to engage in a conversation, even if it is just you and your blog.
  5. Remember that it’s not about your objectives. Well, it is, but that should never be obvious to your audience.

To talk about what we can bring to your content marketing strategy, contact Steve Schmieder at 312-327-5120 or sschmieder@blueflamethinking.com.

Gayle Ronan

Gayle has over 25 years of financial services marketing, research, and writing experience to craft compelling content for the digital age.

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