Business Blockbusters: Exploring the Possibilities of Video

Dave Niemi | Dec 10, 2015

PE-video-thumbnail.jpgWhat can video do for you? The statistics are very compelling:

  • Websites with videos are 50 times more likely to be ranked on Google’s first page.
  • Video keeps prospective customers on a site up to two minutes longer.
  • Posting videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86%.1

Clearly, marketers who want to tell their brand story with greater impact are coming to appreciate the power of video. Is it right for you? Consider what you hope to achieve before you decide.

TAKE 1: Engage in Visual Storytelling
The combination of color, sound and full-motion action allows you to bring your brand story to life. Rather than a dry recitation of facts, you can present a tale of “before and after,” conduct a “live” demo of your product or introduce your viewers to the “real people” who are loyal to your brand.

TAKE 2: Strike an Emotional Chord
One of the primary advantages of this visual storytelling, of course, is the ability to infuse your marketing communications with an emotional element that is vital to making customers engage with your brand and take the action you want them to. Make prospects “like” your brand, and they will be predisposed to do business with you.

TAKE 3: Build a Brand Personality
Taken together, the video elements of story, color, action, pacing and narrative flow leave your viewers with an overall impression that helps define the personality of your brand. It’s an excellent opportunity to reinforce the aspirations and character traits you’d like your customers to associate with your brand.

TAKE 4: Create Customer Possibilities
With video, if you can imagine it, you can show it. So dream big, and then go out and create a video that depicts the most imaginative and all-encompassing successes your customers hope to achieve.

From Storyboard to Sequel: We Can Help
At Blue Flame Thinking, we’ve been fine-tuning our capabilities to take advantage of this highly engaging medium. Our contribution to your successful video production starts with this list of core services—and ends with rave reviews:


  • Understand your audience
  • Analyze your needs
  • Set video objectives
  • Isolate key insights
  • Identify essential messaging


  • Collaborate on “the big idea”
  • Explore creative approaches
  • Outline narrative flow and transitional elements
  • Develop script and storyboards
  • Adhere to brand guidelines


  • Coordinate specialized resources
  • Oversee talent selection and videotaping
  • Direct creative execution (animation, illustration, chart creation, music, voiceover, etc.)
  • Edit raw video and supplement with B-roll footage (as needed)
  • Manage post-production services (color correction, visual effects, etc.)

It’s important to realize that video may be less complicated than you imagine (especially when you have our video expertise and resources to lean on). You don’t need an enormous budget, an extravagant production plan or an extended time frame to create persuasive, hard-hitting video assets.

Is it time for your brand to debut on video? Explore your options with Steve Schmieder today at 312-327-5120 or



[1] “30 Key Digital Marketing Stats to Exponentially Grow Your Business,”, retrieved Dec. 2, 2015.


Dave Niemi

With 27+ years in the financial industry, Dave has a deep well of experience from which to draw as he directs our editorial services and content development efforts for the agency's financial clients.

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