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Byline Bank Leverages Social Media to Keep Connected With Customers

Andrew Swanson | Jun 04, 2015

With its new brand identity, Byline Bank is ready to author the next chapter in its 100-year-long connection to the Chicago neighborhoods it calls home.

The bank sees social media playing a critical role in introducing and promoting its brand. Byline is reinforcing its new look through visually crafted postings, which include best uses of the bank’s services along with helpful links, even if they are to third-party sites.

To keep the bank top of mind, social posts regularly appear several times a week and are strategically segmented by audience and business channels. Fresh and relevant blog posts offer further support. A pre-approved process has been set up that allows the bank to react to news or events it wants to comment on in the same day. It also allows the bank to respond quickly to comments left on its social account pages.

Byline’s use of social media is already bolstering its community profile. Even though the initiative is in its infancy, it has begun engaging customers in conversation.

The benefits of social media marketing continue to prove an invaluable tool for opening dialogues and reaching existing and potential customers. By providing content that is helpful, sometimes unexpected and frequently actionable, it helps strengthen relationships and makes your brand more approachable.

Andrew Swanson

Andrew Swanson has spent the past five years helping clients find their better by developing successful social media strategies for the entertainment, financial, CPG and hospitality industries.

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