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Steve Schmieder | Apr 29, 2016

Blue Flame Thinking Crafts Ideas That Make Results Happen

You’ve probably heard all of these industry trends that promise eye-popping results—predictive analytics, demand generation, marketing automation. Who doesn’t love results? It’s what we thrive on as marketers. But, making results happen isn’t so easily prescribed.

If you’ve incorporated any of these methodologies into your marketing mix, you know it takes more than data science to create better results. It’s how you use that data creatively that makes the difference.


Let’s Make Some ROI

We’re starting a new campaign at Blue Flame Thinking. We’re calling it, “The Business of Making Results.” And, we will be showcasing examples of how you can improve your metrics. For instance, look at these numbers:

  • 34% increase in visitors to site: Founders Brewing Co. (1.8 million visitors in 2015: 34% increase Y:Y/2015:2014)
  • 97% reduction in cost per lead: National Foundation for Credit Counseling ($2,266.56 decrease Y:Y/2015:2014)
  • 214% return on investment for Intelliflo Rebate Program: Pentair Pool & Spa (April 29 to November 19, 2015)

At Blue Flame Thinking we have clients that make everything from beer to investments to pool pumps. With our campaign, we’ll show you all the new tools in the MarTech arena that can help you produce better results, no matter what you make.

Watch here for more ways to make ideas that make results.


Steve Schmieder - CEO and Founder

Steve continually calls upon his 30 years of marketing expertise to help clients and their brands get to a better place.

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