Financial Marketing Is Changing Rapidly.

Steve Schmieder | Jan 22, 2015

Our New E-Book Helps You Ride the Crest of the Wave!

A new generation of financial clients awaits—connected, independent and empowered—and with vastly different expectations than those who came before them. Meanwhile, the enormous potential of online and social channels continues to grow, rendering your old lines of communication obsolete virtually overnight.

So, how do you get out in front of all these rapid developments?

Here’s an E-Book With Answers

With change comes opportunity, especially for those who can recognize and take advantage of it first. The financial marketing experts at Blue Flame Thinking are totally immersed in the tides of change. We understand what it takes to engage and convert your target clients.

But, immersion doesn’t make us swimmers. Think of us as surfers who help our own clients harness the power of the waves, catching them early and riding them at their crests, one after the next.

Would you like to ride the crest? Download our new e-book, “The Brightest of Blue: Fresh Perspectives on Financial Marketing.” It captures a wealth of industry-leading insights based on the in-depth knowledge and experience we’ve gained as one of America’s leading financial marketing specialists.

Why It’s a “Must-Read”

“The Brightest of Blue” is the first compilation of our original thinking, published and shared with clients, industry colleagues and other friends over the past several months. It sheds new light on today’s financial services customer, details emerging marketing best practices and describes how digital technology continues to transform the ways the industry goes to market.

Between the covers of our e-book, you’ll obtain our best thinking on:

  • Appealing to the Millennial mind—fresh perspectives on generational wealth
  • Moving beyond behavioral finance—enriched engagement with advisors and investors
  • Embracing Financial Marketing 3.0—what it means and what it takes
  • Keeping the flame lit—strategies to find and sustain “better” in yourself and your team
  • Of course, there’s more

“The Brightest of Blue” is written to help quench your thirst for fresh approaches that can help you break through, disrupt and harvest the bounty of opportunity that change has created for you.

Download Your Copy Now

We hope you’ll take this opportunity to download “The Brightest of Blue” now, with our compliments. Please also forward this email to your colleagues and invite them to download and engage with our thinking, too.

There’s More Thinking Where That Came From

Sharing our insights stems from our deep commitment to helping you improve marketing impact and results while building a stronger team and a better career.

It’s why our e-book includes the opportunity to subscribe to our regular emails, if you are not already receiving them. We promise to keep the flow of fresh and inspired thinking coming in the months ahead, including new ways to engage with the information and with us.

If you would like to benefit from our expertise firsthand, the financial marketing experts at Blue Flame Thinking stand ready with the deep industry experience, honesty, passion, hard work and fun to help you find your better.

To start the conversation, contact Steve Schmieder at or call: 312-327-5120 to learn more.

Steve Schmieder - CEO and Founder

Steve continually calls upon his 30 years of marketing expertise to help clients and their brands get to a better place.

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