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Flashpoints: The Point of Impact for Marketers

Gayle Ronan | Aug 12, 2015

It’s our goal as marketers: find the right message to spark the shift from inaction to action on the part of prospective customers.

What it takes is more than a clever message or a brochure chock-full of features and a list of benefits. It requires context that resonates with the emotional aspects of that decision—the emotions that hold buyers back from committing and those that propel them forward. More than a desire to fill a need or solve a problem, your prospects have to truly want what you have, and they need to want it more than what your competitors offer.

“Want” is a highly emotion-driven state and one that can be swayed by emotional biases. For example, one may need financial advice, but the fear of giving control to a financial advisor or an aversion to possible loss on a bad recommendation might be overwhelming and keep a potential client from engaging one. Similarly, there may be a need for a new pool vacuum, but the fear of regretting the choice in the long run may lead to sticking with what one has.

Getting a prospective customer from a state of inaction to one of action requires moving them past any underlying emotional biases to a flashpoint. That’s the point where the payoff from the action is perceived to outweigh continued inaction.


Achieving the flashpoint takes articulating “what’s in it for me” from both an emotional perspective and a practical, product-based perspective. Beyond the attributes of your product or services, you need to create an irresistible attraction to your brand by understanding what your target audience really needs to feel when they interact with it.


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Gayle Ronan

Gayle has over 25 years of financial services marketing, research, and writing experience to craft compelling content for the digital age.

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