Game On!

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Gayle Ronan

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As Content Director, Gayle oversees editorial creation across the firm. With a financial background in providing banking and wealth management services—and later covering business, investment and personal finance topics for media outlets like MSNBC and Bloomberg—Gayle is most often attached to our professional service clients’ projects. With an ability to match her writing tone to the client or publication, Gayle writes across all channels, from digital ad campaigns and social media posts to blogs, authored articles and researched papers…with a few brochures and website refreshes thrown in.

Whether it’s marketing content or writing under my own byline, the goal is always about making complex concepts and products understandable to those who use them.

Fast Facts:

  • Actually likes walking the dog.
  • A fan of good street art.
  • If forced, would choose clothes over food…and actually has!

Are you ready for some football—and advertising—this Sunday? We are. Our pregame prep has already started, as we’ve been watching the commercials and teasers released so far by some of this year’s advertisers. While we’ll reserve judgment until after the big game, we are already struck by the tactics three of the brands have found to ensure they rise above the fray.


The candy company will air its ad during the game…as it is being filmed. The preproduction work has already started airing on social media ( to build anticipation for the spot, which features Adam Driver…and horses. While no one seems to be clamoring for “live” commercials, it’s a given that there will be conversation and social engagement before, during and after the commercials air.

Hyundai…Freshly Baked

Hyundai’s spot will air immediately after the game and feature footage of service members that was taken as they watched the Super Bowl at a military base. The spot will intertwine patriotic themes with football, all while featuring the latest in virtual reality technology. Did somebody say “ambitious”? It’ll be interesting to see how well it hits the mark as both meaningful and memorable content.

Heinz…Sunday Smunday

The Heinz spot won’t even appear until Monday. The reason? It strengthens the argument at the heart of its storyline: The Monday after the Super Bowl should be declared a national holiday. The ketchup company hopes the sentiment will catch on. It’s sponsoring a national petition drive at

Whatever happens on the field Sunday, the commercial breaks should be interesting!

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