Identify Your Target’s Flashpoint to Get Your Message Heard

Gayle Ronan | May 06, 2015

Being able to pinpoint and understand the mindset of decision makers, what really leads to that critical moment when your target is ready to commit, can make or break a campaign. This insight enables you to channel your efforts—creative, digital, content and media placement—more effectively.

Identifying this flashpoint requires going beyond survey and focus group results. It requires rigorous and intensive research, along with academic, anecdotal and real-world observations. The resulting insight is further informed by understanding the influence of basic human behavior: biases, fears and aspirations. Applying this approach to the discovery phase of a project, Blue Flame Thinking’s Strategy team is able to guide creative efforts to develop more focused campaigns and content for clients.

In the case of well-established banking industry clients looking to assert their relevancy to the next generation of consumers and businesses, conducting a persona exercise enabled a better understanding of the specific needs of the clients the institutions served. Gaining these insights helped shift the focus, both visually and in terms of content, to emphasize what is important to consumers’ lifestyle choices.

For a manufacturing client exploring the equipment rental market, the discovery phase led to an enhanced understanding of targeted consumers, including what triggered their need for the product and how they chose a vendor. The resulting insights were used to fine-tune the development and execution of a campaign to reach equipment renters as they are making their decisions with messaging that appealed to their underlying motivations.

Ready to discover the flashpoint of your target market segments for better delivery of your firm’s messaging? We should talk.

Gayle Ronan

Gayle has over 25 years of financial services marketing, research, and writing experience to craft compelling content for the digital age.

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