Is Your Website Keeping Up With Evolving Google Search Algorithms?

Josh Stauffer | Jun 04, 2015

Google constantly evaluates online behavior data to update its search algorithms and deliver quality information and excellent user experiences. How does your website stack up against some of these recent updates?

Panda: Panda ferrets out sites with thin, spammy and duplicate content. It also downgrades sites with low return visits and high bounce rates.
What to Do: Deliver on users’ needs for well-researched, thoughtful and fresh content that helps them solve their problems.

Pigeon: Pigeon focuses on the “local” nature of searches, reducing rankings for sites with no sense of place, while improving scores for sites with strong local identities.
What to Do: Include your locations and distributors in your content. Provide phone numbers, addresses and maps.

The Mobile-Friendly Update: This update favors sites optimized for mobile platforms. It weighs factors like button size and proximity, font sizes, text anchoring and adaptability to screen size and rotation.
What to Do: If your site isn’t easy to use on small-format mobile devices, start fixing it today. Keep users happy or risk exclusion from the blurringly fast shift to mobile devices.

The Quality Update: This update is so new that it’s not yet well understood. However, it appears to be a reweighting of time-proven quality evaluations that favor content that is authoritative, original, unduplicated, grammatically correct and easy to access.
What to Do: Continue to review your content against Google’s guidelines and update it to keep it attractive and relevant to your target audience’s needs.

The Upshots:

  1. Keep your content relevant to users’ organic search needs.
  2. Make your content consistently easy to consume across all devices.
  3. Make “local” part of your content lexicon.

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Josh Stauffer

An optimistic believer in the transformative power of digital on the landscape of B2B marketing, Josh brings over a decade of agency experience to his role as CEO and President of Blue Flame Thinking. He has the hands-on experience of a former programmer mixed with the sharp instincts of a dedicated client partner. Both of which help him focus the agency, and its relationships, toward the future. Josh started making things at a very early age. His formative years were filled with hours of sketching, carving, building, painting and traveling.

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