Lincoln Financial Goes Social to Win Customers

Steve Schmieder | May 06, 2015

When Lincoln Financial wanted to pull new customers through its sales channel, they leveraged the high engagement potential of social media to cultivate richer dialog and build closer relationships among wholesalers, advisors and individual investors.

Blue Flame Thinking worked with Lincoln Financial to create a series of LinkedIn and Twitter posts for the firm’s wholesalers to share with their advisor clients and a second set of posts for advisors to share with individual investors.

By going social, Lincoln Financial was able to take advantage of existing relationships and the power of personal recommendations to deliver a strong value proposition, consistently and in an authentic voice.

Lincoln Financial’s experience demonstrates that social media has become the Swiss Army Knife of marketing—a versatile tool you can tailor to contribute specific support as part of a wide range of engagement and conversion strategies.


Steve Schmieder - CEO and Founder

Steve continually calls upon his 30 years of marketing expertise to help clients and their brands get to a better place.

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