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Gayle Ronan | Jul 02, 2015

The National Foundation of Credit Counseling® (NFCC) has a simple proposition for people with debt: Get relief now.

“It’s a proposition our member agencies deliver on daily, through some 600 offices, nationally. They get real results, really fast, for consumers from all walks of life,” explains Dana Dolan, NFCC’s interim chief communications officer. But, many more consumers could benefit from this nonprofit’s brand of relief than are aware of it.

The main challenge, notes Dolan, is to get the message heard above the many for-profit solution providers. The bigger challenge, however, comes from being able to deliver it at that exact point in time when an overwhelmed consumer realizes they can’t face their money problems alone. They need help and need it now.

This inflection point serves as the basis for NFCC’s new #FaceReality campaign. The all-digital campaign, created by Blue Flame Thinking, is phase two of the multiyear, Sharpen Your Financial FocusTM national marketing effort to reach and help people with their personal finances.

“For this phase, NFCC is focused on increasing client connections for NFCC member agencies,” says Dolan. “We expect to boost conversions by at least 20%. The key to accomplishing this is to take a targeted approach to our outreach by focusing on reaching breadwinner moms and the military. We will reach these audiences by relying almost exclusively on programmatic advertising.”

After isolating language that speaks directly to the concerns and emotional state of each targeted audience, the campaign relies on upbeat, aspirational slogans—not a tone typically associated with debt-counseling ads. It puts the value of a financial review from an NFCC Certified Financial Professional front and center with the kind of aspirational statements you’d expect to find on a T-shirt…and now can.

Only a few weeks after this targeted campaign’s soft launch in mid-June, the conversion rate was running at more than four times the annualized weekly rate of 2014’s more traditional lead-generation approach. NFCC is on its way to making its desired connections, at a substantially lower cost.

Gayle Ronan

Gayle has over 25 years of financial services marketing, research, and writing experience to craft compelling content for the digital age.

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