Pentair Dives Into 3-D Experience

Mike Meyers | Dec 10, 2015

EDT-video-thumbnail At the 2015 International Pool, Spa and Patio Expo (IPSPE), Pentair Pools wanted to make a big splash with their introduction of new products and innovations for the upcoming season.

With the help of Blue Flame Thinking and DigitalMediaETC, a 3-D theatrical experience was created for the Pentair booth that invited small groups of tradeshow visitors to step into a serene backyard setting. Suddenly, the floor beneath them rumbled and a huge hole was created that quickly filled up with a beautiful pool.

The pool then went from great to better with the addition of new Pentair products that did everything from clean the pool to electronically eliminate microbes and bacteria to display illuminated graphics and video on the pool bottom. It was all dramatically presented with full surround sound and powerful, computer-generated images coming to life on multiple screens. No wonder the 3-D theater always had a line cued up during the two-day event.

Marcus Phillips, Director of Marketing, stated enthusiastically, “This was our best IPSPE show to date; everything from the graphics and signage to the interactive touchscreen for our new automation selector app was a huge hit. I don’t know how we’ll top this next year.”

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