Programmatic Solutions Continue to Generate Impressive Numbers

Dave Niemi | Apr 21, 2016

Are your campaigns beating their benchmarks by reaching higher click and conversion rates at a lower cost per acquisition? If not, perhaps you’d like to get more out of your investment. Our recent collaboration with a national retail client is a stellar example of programmatic media buying in action. The campaigns we’ve launched over the past year continue to post strong metrics across the board. All data points we monitor, from total clicks and click-through rate to conversion rate and cost per conversion, have improved year over year.

The infographic below shows some of the highlights of this client’s continued success over the past year.


What Do These Numbers Mean?

If these numbers could talk, they’d be bragging. In short, they’re saying that our client has made their marketing much more targeted, much more efficient and much more effective. A higher conversion rate, for example, suggests you’re reaching your audience at the right time with a message they find highly compelling.




Is Programmatic Advertising Clicking With Your Customers?

Have you explored the opportunities to make your marketing dollar work more efficiently? Our knowledge of programmatic media, social media, SEO and other aspects of digital marketing can help you unlock new markets, tap into regional or temporal demand surges and move toward the optimal mix for your marketing investment. It’s an investment that could pay off quickly and consistently.


If you’re after stronger results for your brand, contact Steve Schmieder at 312.327.5120 or sschmieder@blueflamethinking.com to get the ball rolling (and the mouse clicking).


Dave Niemi

With 27+ years in the financial industry, Dave has a deep well of experience from which to draw as he directs our editorial services and content development efforts for the agency's financial clients.

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