See if we measure up to your demanding standards. Within exacting tolerances.

How many marketing agencies can claim they have extensive experience working with firms in machining, fabricating, metallurgy, polymers, and composites? You could probably count them on one hand. You might even need a micrometer. No matter how you quantify relevant manufacturing expertise, we measure up.

35+ years on the shop floor.

Our experience runs deep in both manufacturing technologies and finished engineered products. Here are just a few of the broad categories in which we’ve established our expertise:

A full toolbox.

Blue Flame Thinking can deliver compelling creative with the right mix of tools to drive sales and elevate your brand. Our SMEs have the knowledge and experience to understand your products and manufacturing technologies from both customer-focused and industry-wide perspectives. They’ll learn why your products and technologies matter with surprising speed.

We have an engineer’s mindset. Outside the office, our SMEs are willing to get their hands dirty. They tear engines down. They build stuff. They play with liquid metal. They have VOMs, micrometers and end mills. So their understanding of design, manufacturing and service issues isn’t just theoretical. It’s intuitive.

Pentair Racer®

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TIC Gums

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