Andy Jansma

Senior Designer

Andy Jansma Senior Designer at Blue Flame Thinking Headshot

1 Year at BFT

Even a seasoned pro like Andy, a senior designer at Blue Flame Thinking, enjoys discovering his designs in the wild, like when he saw a logo he shepherded through many revisions for a major Chicago energy company on the side of one of their vans. Along with expertise in branding, packaging and user experience design, Andy brings knowledge gained through years of working across many industry verticals. He also understands the importance of considering potential pitfalls of certain photography before a client sees it and in seeking inspiration in everyday life. Andy uses these types of intuitive insights to create better work for our clients.

The way color plays out in nature is more subdued than what we see in the city and on our screens. Living where I do, I have a better appreciation for color theory and using colors in a more subtle way.

Fast Facts

  • Would root for Arial over Helvetica in a font cage match, even though Helvetica would probably win.
  • Is trained in the ancient art of improv.
  • Believes pineapple on pizza to be one of the most delicious food combinations in the history of food.