Danielle Bloom

Account Manager

Danielle Bloom

1 Year at BFT

As a fan of effective storytelling and pushing past limits for the best results, Danielle brings an extensive and diverse background as an account manager to our client roster. Having overseen marketing efforts for both manufacturing companies and financial firms, among other industries, she appreciates the nuanced and critical information that comes from getting to the “why” of a client’s mission, rather than the “how.” Danielle shares Blue Flame Thinking’s guiding principles of fearless creativity and insatiable curiosity and is focused on sharpening these qualities to the benefit of everything we do for our clients.

One of my favorite things about digital marketing is the ability to monitor results in real time and fine-tune on the fly. The level of insight digital marketing provides has always been exciting to me, and one of my favorite parts of the job is helping a client see that for the first time.

Fast Facts

  • Enjoys experimenting with new recipes. (Look out, Amanda!)
  • Is firmly Team GIF with a hard “G.”
  • Aspirational skill: learning electric guitar. Or to fly a plane. Or maybe both at the same time.