Eryn Leedy

Digital Engagement Strategist

Eryn Leedy, Social Media Strategist at Blue Flame Thinking, bio Picture

1 Year at BFT

Eryn uses her knowledge of digital marketing and brand building to boost client awareness. Prior to joining us, she ran both digital and traditional marketing campaigns across a variety of industries, most recently working with a manufacturing firm. Finding new and creative ways to use digital marketing to tell a brand’s story across different markets is her passion. It’s fueled by a sense of discovery, which enables her to help craft meaningful messaging that gets results.

Having a solid digital engagement strategy is key to connecting with customers online. Your customer experience should be consistent across both online and offline channels.

Fast Facts:

  • Partial to a good side-eye meme, especially if a dog is involved.
  • Believes everything has a place. If it’s not in its place, she’ll put it there.
  • Has eternal wanderlust, which means she’s always planning her next trip.
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