Haley Rose

Account Manager

1 Year at BFT

Whether she’s charting the best course of travel through Europe or building effective marketing plans to help clients meet their goals, Haley approaches each challenge with a strategic mindset. Her experience in the world of healthcare marketing has given her the opportunity to sharpen her analytical skills and critical thinking to help craft initiatives that reach the right audience at the ideal moment with what they’re looking to find. Haley now brings her focus on creating intentional and meaningful communication to our agency partners and teams, helping to build stronger relationships and better outcomes.

At the center of everything we do, there’s people. I’ve learned relationships with others are what help us understand one another and develop the most effective communication that we can. Listen, empathize, collaborate, and you can deliver some of the best results.


Fast Facts:

  • True crime podcast aficionado.
  • Can recommend the best places to visit in Florence, Italy.
  • Dog mom to a 100-lb. Golden Retriever named Decker.