Jason Wagner


Jason Wagner, Developer at Blue Flame Thinking

1 Year at BFT

Jason’s path to becoming a Web developer actually began in retailing. His early start in a service-centric industry gives him a unique perspective into the work he does at Blue Flame Thinking. Recognizing what a client wants to accomplish and the challenges they face is his key to helping them get to where they need to be. But, the best part for Jason comes from knowing that, more often than not, the detours and bumps along the way often reveal opportunities for improving the user’s journey. It’s how he helps unlock better solutions for our clients.

I don’t subscribe to the quick fix in learning. The journey is really how you learn.

Fast Facts:

  • Would medal in Alpine Downhill Skiing if he could.
  • Favorite city yet to visit: Tokyo.
  • Cooking wins over cleaning.