Joel Van Winkle

Account Coordinator

Joel Van Winkle Account Coordinator at Blue Flame Thinking
1 Year at BFT

From keeping up with current affairs to industry news, Joel Van Winkle relies on staying curious, inquisitive, and empathetic throughout his life. As an Account Coordinator, Joel implements those traits and helps support our Client Services team with initiatives from A to Z. A true team player, he knows the success of his team is just as important as individual success. And, while success is great, he recognizes the opportunities for progress and growth within failure. Seeing the diamond in the rough is kind of his thing as some of his most unusual sources of inspiration include neighbors, stumbling upon short-form video content, even discomfort and anxiety.

Success begets success, which begets success, but success comes at a cost of failure—but failures are a good thing in the pursuit of progress.

Fast Facts

  • Looking to master the art of public speaking in front of large groups.
  • Loves grilled panini sandwiches. 
  • Enjoys witnessing the advancement of technology and how it changes what we thought was even possible.