Mary Gimby

Junior SEO and Web Marketing Analytics Specialist

Junior Web Analyst and SEO Specialist Headshot Mary Gimby at Blue Flame Thinking

1 Year at BFT

A career in real estate may not seem like a natural path to becoming an SEO specialist, but Mary Gimby disagrees. Using market data to build a story, discover patterns, and understand and direct a user’s behavior is something she became very familiar with as a Realtor. Now, she leverages these same skills as our junior web analyst and SEO specialist. An avid explorer, Mary loves discovering new places and things. Whether it’s finding a delicious, tucked-away Caribbean restaurant or uncovering the latest strategic thinking and trends to make a website perform better, she’s all about bringing hidden gems to light.

Understanding how and when to adopt new tactics and strategies is a key element to SEO success!

Fast Facts

  • Is happy to offer up recommendations for coffee—or any beverage, really.
  • Feels a weekend walk isn’t complete without dog leash in hand.
  • Chooses teleportation as her superpower so she can travel more while avoiding all traffic.