Michael Lewis

Account Supervisor

Michael Lewis Account Supervisor Blue Flame Thinking

1 Year at BFT

Michael uses his knowledge of digital media, gathered over 16+ years of agency life, to strengthen client relationships and build deeper engagements. While he’s a fan of making the most of all that marketing technology has to offer, for him, providing the best possible service to his clients still requires one-to-one interaction. It’s why working account by account to understand each client’s unique needs, while staying on top of the latest tools and trends for doing so more effectively, is a role Michael enjoys playing.

There will always be the need for a human touch when it comes to managing SEM properly.

Fast Facts

  • Favorite baseball team is anyone who can beat the Cardinals.
  • Thin-crust pizza wins over pan style—too much for comfortable consumption!
  • Being a dad has upped his diplomacy, individualized service and patience skills.