Rebecca Blackburn Lowry

Account Director

1 Year at BFT

Whether she’s running a successful digital marketing campaign or a marathon, Rebecca gives it her all. Her relentless pursuit of better, both for clients and herself, is one of the things that attracted her to BFT, and us to her. Rebecca’s “secret weapon” is her innate ability to become as passionate about clients’ brands as they are. She uses this skill to quickly align with and understand client needs, making her a powerful and effective advocate for their brands. With more than 20 years of advertising experience on an extensive and impressive mix of brands and marketing campaigns, she’s excited to put her account management knowledge and expertise to work for our clients.

Real marketing transformation doesn’t happen from reporting the data but rather lives in what we do with it. Yes, the data informs market impact, but it also single-handedly creates a more dynamic marketplace, helping to sharpen our messaging and placement.


Fast Facts:

  • Secret adrenaline junkie, with bungee jumping and skydiving experience. (Shark cage diving is next on the list.)
  • Loves PBS Masterpiece and Variety news/People—little bit geeky; little bit pop culture.
  • When not running after kids, likes running for recreation.