Rebecca Forrester

Digital Project Manager

Bio shot of Rebecca Forrester, Digital Project Manager for Blue Flame Thinking.

7 Years at BFT


Davey Silver Award, W3 Silver Award

For Rebecca, project management is all about the people she works with. It’s also about building connections and digging in to develop a deeper appreciation of the challenges faced. Rebecca brings her previous experience as an account and project manager in the marketing and software development industries to bear in understanding projects from both the client and agency sides of the business. It helps her orchestrate solutions that work for everyone.

It’s my job to form relationships with clients to better understand their business needs and help solve complex problems. How cool is that?

Fast Facts:

  • Habitual prankster.
  • Has shark issues.
  • Best Halloween costume ever was the time she dressed as a table, because anyone can be a ghost or a witch!