Steve Van Wyk


22 Years at BFT

If you think Steve stares at a black screen all day with hundreds of lines of code on it, you’d be mostly right. Between those lines of code, however, is where the decision-making that allows a client’s website or app to come to life occurs. Those decisions lead to writing code that not only matches the designer’s mockup, they allow the design to display beautifully on a modern browser and degrade gracefully on an antiquated device. For Steve, who has been working for BFT for more than 17 years, perhaps the most important aspect of coding, comes from anticipating future updates and uses.

“Let’s face it: Change is a constant. We try to make it easier for everyone to adapt to it with clean semantic html and a content management system.”

Fast Facts:

  • Life goal already realized: building a timber-frame cabin.
  • Knows his way around West Africa.
  • Coffee or tea? Coffee! Preferably beside a morning campfire.