3 Questions With Account Director Laurie Moran

3 Q's Headshot of Laurie Moran- Director of New Business Development

Laurie isn’t one to shy away from tough challenges or complex topics in her role as an Account Director. In fact, it’s her ability to successfully navigate and find solutions for these situations that’s helped her to build strong client partnerships over her career. Along the way, she’s developed an appreciation for working to learn about the people she’s talking to and for taking time to reflect on what’s important.

Who has influenced you most when it comes to how you approach your work? 

While I don’t have one specific person, I’m a big fan of Seth Godin, Anne Handley and Simon Sinek. My approach to my work continues to evolve but, as with marketing, understanding your audience is always important to building meaningful engagements. 

How have you been working to find your better? 

Self-care has been my focus this year. I am a people pleaser, often putting my own wellbeing behind that of others. I’m creating a much-needed space for myself to do things I enjoy and taking good care of myself. 

What is your favorite down time pastime? 

I enjoy any activity that involves my dog. We walk a lot, and I try to expose him to new things. He was a heartworm positive rescue from Texas, and I don’t know a lot about his history or previous life. The snow has been especially fun for him. 


Thanks, Laurie! We’re looking forward to working together to find our better!