Laurie Moran

Vice President

5 Years at BFT

Some run agencies…then there’s Laurie. As the head of both operations and client services, she calmly and diligently ensures everyone and everything is working efficiently. Her focus on delivering the highest level of client service, astute attention to agency operations, and ability to pivot when a new direction is needed command respect from all those who interact with her. Her thoughtful, strategic approach to marketing, finessed through her experience in the healthcare industry, along with her extensive experience in building and maintaining relationships, has been critical to the agency’s success.

Understanding your audience is key to successful interactions.

Fast Facts

  • Excels in being both strategic and tactical as needed.
  • Knows how to shape talent and resources to get the job done.
  • Loves Pickleball and Boot Camp Style fitness classes.
  • Believes you should never underestimate the importance of being authentic and humble.