In today’s always-plugged-in world, including social media in your marketing strategy is a must.

Understanding where current customers, and ones you’d like to attract, are spending their time can help you make more meaningful connections by offering solutions to the challenges they seek to solve. We’ll work with you to build a comprehensive approach to social media based on your goals and where you want to be.

Knowing the right platforms to appear on is an important part of a social media marketing strategy. Creating content that will resonate with the audience on that platform is another piece. We can help you create a plan that combines the two to boost both awareness and sales of your products and services. 

Social media is also where customers go for social proof. Each review, comment, and company post helps them to form an opinion of your brand. This opinion influences your audiences’ choice when making purchasing decisions. Whether it’s their first touchpoint with your company or they are a follower of your social channels, we can help you manage the perception of your brand through a strong social presence and positive conversations.

Social Media Marketing Capabilities That We Offer

Our digital strategists can work with you to build a social media marketing plan that is optimized to meet your goals. We offer a variety of services that can be standalone or combined to solve your unique challenges, expand your reach, and increase the quality of your interactions and leads.

Social Media Strategy and Audits

Our specialists can assess the state of your current social media efforts and suggest areas of improvement. Alternatively, we can work together to build a new approach from the ground up.

Content Creation

Our team of experts will craft messaging, both copy and images, tailored to the platforms your social posts appear on. This will ensure they are as relevant as they can be for the target audience.

Community Management

We have the experience and understanding to help you maintain your brand’s social presence no matter the channel you decide to use. We can work with you to schedule and post content, monitor those posts, and respond to community comments appropriately.

Analytics and Reporting

To make sure your social media campaigns are working as they should, we’ll provide reporting on the performance of your established benchmarks. From what we learn, we can develop strategies to shift what isn’t working and boost what is.

Paid Social Media

Another way to expand the reach of your social media efforts is through paid social campaigns. We can help you develop a plan to make the most of this valuable real estate and ensure that your message is reaching the right audiences.

Blue Flame Thinking’s Social Media Marketing Process

Before we begin building a social media strategy, we take the time to understand our clients’ specific needs and goals in order to create a tailored approach. Through discovery sessions, audits, competitive review, and industry research, our experts create a strategy to make sure your most important messages are being communicated to the right audiences on the right channels. Together, we then set social media marketing goals that align with your company’s overarching objectives.


Once the strategy is set, we’ll collaborate with you to create content calendars that are tailored to your goals and the specific social platforms you’re using. We’ll also ensure that monthly social media posts align with company messaging. We understand that each client has different approval levels and processes. So, we’ll work with yours to make sure anything that gets posted meets your standards. Our team will then schedule all posts to ensure they go out on the optimal day and time.

Social Media Monitoring

After a social media strategy is up and running, it’s important to keep an eye not only on how it’s performing but also the conversations going on around what you’re posting. Together, we can develop a game plan for flagging and responding to comments that’s based on best practices and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Analytics and Reporting

As part of our social media marketing services, we also provide regular reviews of analytics to get an accurate idea of how our efforts are performing. We’ll also provide you with reporting on the KPIs we’ve identified as goals. Once all the current data has been collected, we can make recommendations for strategic shifts to optimize performance.

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Manufacturing capabilities infographic

Social Media for Manufacturing

A well-crafted social media strategy can be particularly useful for manufacturing clients. It gives these companies an opportunity to build a community around their brands and products, as well as a chance to gain customer reviews and trust.

Your social media content can also provide potential and existing customers with a closer look at your products and what they can do. This is a great way to appeal to your audiences as they move into the consideration phase of their buying journey.

Being active on social media allows you to connect with audiences in a timely manner on platforms that they are interacting with. It’s a chance to highlight your company’s culture by sharing glimpses behind the scenes, employee promotions, and news around trade shows and other events your company may be participating in.

Depending on the approach you select, we can help you craft a social media strategy that features value-added content like product information, videos, and technical support.

Social Media for Financial Services

Financial firms and organizations should also consider implementing a social media plan. From banking to investing to a variety of other services, our financial clients have benefited from reaching potential clients and staying connected with current ones via social platforms. And, we have experience working with compliance departments to make sure the content we create is aligned with financial industry standards.

We are able to position or financial clients as thought leaders by promoting blog posts, white papers, and articles their staff has written for industry publications. We can also help create educational and awareness opportunities through strategically crafted and placed posts.

Social media marketing also provides financial firms with a prime opportunity to build community and trust. Through regular updates and timely responses to inquiries or comments, they can be seen as a dependable resource of valuable information.


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