Our Design and Development departments work in tandem to seamlessly create every component and capability necessary for your website or app by using the latest design standards while keeping the user in mind.

The end result is a fusion of form and functionality. Every detail is taken into consideration, no matter how small, and optimized for the best user experience possible.

Whether you need something created from scratch, a simple update to an existing website or app, or somewhere in between, we can bring your brand into the digital world with an offering that’s both relevant and appealing to your customers.

While we ensure everything we design follows best practices, we also have the experience to know when a situation calls for something unique to set the look or functionality apart from the competition. So, your website or app is modern without being trendy or looking and feeling dated quickly.

Website and App Design Services We Offer

Working together, our experts can design the ideal solution for your website or app needs. From simple to complex jobs, we offer a range of capabilities and services to elevate your brand’s presence with users.

Page, Template, and Component Design

As part of our design strategy, we take a holistic approach. So, everything from the smallest icon to the most robust landing page all works cohesively. This makes for a better overall experience and stronger brand representation.

Design Systems and Style Guides

Style guides and design systems are essential to making the complicated understandable. For companies that offer or are looking to build multiple apps, websites, landing pages, kiosks, and other digital touchpoints, consistency is key. These resources provide that uniformity and offer a road map for any future digital tactics that need to be created.

Icon Design

Icons are a very useful and versatile design element. They convey information quickly and clearly in a visually interesting way and help users navigate your site and app more easily. Using your established style standards, we’ll create unique, ownable icons that help convey your story and elevate your brand.

Asset Creation

Depending on your specific needs and requirements, we can develop the assets necessary to make your site or app function and look like it should. From photos to illustrations to videos and more, we’ll work with you to get a clear idea before we start building. Once we’ve developed the assets we’ll be using, we can provide them to you in a format that’s usable for future digital initiatives.

UI Animation

Movement and animation within a site or app can set it apart from the competition, increase usability, and extend the sophistication of your brand’s representation. Our team can create animated icons, interactive 3D renderings of your product, or even just unique hover states, among other elements, to boost engagement and help tell a story about your products and services.

Responsive Design

Today’s consumers are viewing media in all sorts of formats, which means your site or app needs to account for this. Everything we design for our clients is optimized for appearance, functionality, and usability, no matter the device that’s being used.

Blue Flame Thinking’s Web and App Design Process

Before we begin building anything, we want to have a clear understanding of the state of your current marketing efforts and where you want to be. These considerations will be at the forefront of everything we create for you, now and in the future.


We start with a discovery workshop to determine goals, assess pain points, and focus on what is important to your users and potential customers. We also review your brand guidelines to make sure what we create is cohesive with your established brand. Our team also looks at what your competition is doing and industry best practices to make sure what we create keeps pace.


Using what we learn from the discovery step, our Design team begins developing a strategy in tandem with our UX group. Guided by our deep design and industry knowledge we begin outlining the assets and layout that will move your website or app toward better.


After we decide on a plan, we begin to build the assets that will help elevate the overall look, feel, and user experience of your website or app. Collaborating with you and your team throughout the process, we make sure our designs balance user and business needs for the best possible results.

Blue Flame Thinking's marketing process chart
Manufacturing capabilities infographic

Web and App Design for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is complex and has many different types of customers, each with their own set of unique needs. Our team has the experience to address these various requirements and showcase your products or services in a way that’s easy to understand and tailored to your audiences.

Web and App Design for Financial Services

Through our extensive experience working with financial services clients, we appreciate the importance of conveying data and complicated financial information clearly and efficiently. We also realize the nuances involved with compliance restraints that need to be thought through when designing a site. No matter the challenge, we have the know-how to take the complex and make it easily digestible for your audiences.

Illustration of overlapping financial icons in purple and blue