Retail and Distributor Touchscreen Kiosks

Pentair Interactive Kiosk Main Screen

Pentair, a leading residential and commercial pool equipment provider, faced a critical challenge in its marketing efforts. Despite spending a significant amount on creating physical promotional displays and print materials for their distributor and pool store partners, frequent spot checks revealed that these materials were not being used effectively. Display stands, posters, counter cards, and other print materials were not being set out or updated regularly, resulting in a loss of potential sales.

As Pentair’s competitors began adopting digital platforms to deliver more engaging and immersive content, Pentair recognized the urgent need to switch to digital tools to keep pace and remain competitive in the industry. This shift was essential for Pentair to enhance its point-of-sale messaging, engage customers more effectively, and drive revenue growth.

Uniquely Positioned with 20+ Years of Experience

For more than 20 years, we’ve worked with Pentair on website creation, app development, videos, and other digital tools. Our deep familiarity with Pentair’s products and overall marketing programs positioned us well to take on the challenge of creating a groundbreaking new way to engage consumers and channel partners with a growing number of interactive retail kiosk solutions.

Pentair Dashboard Menu
Pentair Interactive Cleaner Comparison Grid

An Experience-Rich Interactive Platform To Build On

Our first solution to the challenge was a highly interactive touchscreen kiosk with content tailored for display in key Pentair distributor and pool store locations. Built out in a large 32-inch standalone kiosk and a 10-inch countertop format, the units delivered a whole set of new features for users, including a backyard poolscape builder, equipment and product exploration, product feature highlights, videos, new product announcements, rebate information, social content and more.


The best part? The kiosk platform we developed allows Pentair to remotely update content to handle minor edits, new product introductions, and application updates with a fraction of the time and cost spent on print solutions.


The kiosks also provide a set of business-critical features, including the ability for retailers to adjust what products are shown, capture kiosk and location-specific analytics, and remotely report issues and errors for Pentair.

Adding to the Mix with Product-Specific Units

Building on the initial kiosks’ success, we quickly worked on creating additional solutions for Pentair, this time for the launch of their revolutionary IntelliConnect® Pool Control and Monitoring System. To showcase the system’s key features and capabilities, we developed a series of four one-minute video animations specifically tailored for consumer and distributor audiences. We then seamlessly integrated these videos into custom hybrid displays featuring the product, ensuring the messaging was on-point and eye-catching.


Deployed across both retail and distribution locations, these interactive displays were an instant hit, capturing the attention of passersby and providing a wealth of valuable engagement data. Not only did they succeed in driving sales and interest in the new system, but they also demonstrated the versatility and adaptability of the kiosk platform we’d built for Pentair.


In the first pool season, the interactive kiosks we developed saw exceptional engagement from both consumers and distributors in retail settings. These impressive results helped make the case for continued investment in developing engaging and educational solutions for the retail environment.