IntelliConnect™ Product Launch Video

Pentair IntelliConnect featured work image by Blue Flame Thinking

Why tell a product story when you can show it seamlessly enhancing a consumer’s life…in a visually compelling and entertaining way?

Pentair, the world leader in residential pool manufacturing and product technology, faced a challenge. Telling consumers how a state-of-the-art automation system would improve the way they interact with their pool equipment in a retail environment turned out to be less compelling than they hoped. We suggested taking a different route.

Choosing a simple, flat animation style, we told the automation story in a way that gave context to how the technology makes the consumer’s life easier and their pool-owning experience more enjoyable, all from the palm of their hand.

This involved the concepting of a character-driven story, storyboarding it, creating eye-catching artwork and, of course, the animation—all achieved by our in-house team.

Product Launch Video Results

The effort turned the ease of use and the value added by IntelliConnect into a compelling piece of entertainment consumers could access whenever and wherever they found themselves, from a retail environment to poolside.

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