Josh Stauffer

CEO and President

Josh Stauffer
Years at BFT


Addy Gold Award (2), W3 Silver Award (3), Davey Silver Award (2), Addy Award Winner, Davey Gold Award, Web Marketing Association, Webby People’s Voice Nominee

An optimistic believer in digital’s transformative power on the landscape of B2B2C marketing, Josh brings over a decade of agency experience to his role as CEO and President of Blue Flame Thinking. He also brings a lifetime spent in the act of artistic creation and expression…and some serious programming skills.

Josh’s journey from artist to programmer of enterprise-grade software applications to digital marketing team leader to business owner began with the realization that the act of creating is more important than the medium used.

“It’s not that I am less of a ‘maker’ now. I’m just making something that serves other makers: an agency that provides clients and staff members with a better way to express themselves.”

Fast Facts

  • Works through the technical complexities of a large investment manager or manufacturer website with ease.
  • Believes everything can be more visual, from automation workflows to manufacturing specs to mutual fund and ETF reporting.
  • Digs in and asks all the right questions upfront for each initiative.
  • Classically trained oil painter and illustrator.
  • 5:30 a.m. CrossFit junkie.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

625 Kenmoor Ave SE, Suite 301-3
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Chicago, Illinois

Remote offices in Chicago and suburbs


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