Founders Brewing Co.

Cadre Marketing Automation

Banner for Founders Brewing's Cadre marketing automation system by Blue Flame Thinking.

Craft beer enthusiasts follow Founders Brewing Co. with a level of intensity typically reserved for rock stars.

Craft beer enthusiasts and industry experts scour Founders’ site daily looking for any hint of a new beer release or announcement. Some even go so far as to watch government agencies for new filings or build custom web crawlers to monitor the site. It was this behavior that drove our teams to develop the Founders Cadre, a marketing automation system designed to give Founders beer fans what they want: exclusive early access.

Founders Brewing Co. Cadre Logo Strip for Blue Flame Thinking

Building on Existing Systems

Founders already has wildly engaged fans on all of their social media channels and rock-solid strategy to drive traffic to their website’s blog. We started by giving their blog a redesign that focused on mobile UX, rich media capabilities and an overall better reading experience. We finished by building out new email marketing lists that Cadre members were added to for segmentation and analysis.

Cadre Log in Screen for Founders brewing Co. By Blue Flame Thinking

Join the Cadre

Members receive Founders news first, before it’s officially released to the press. They know about releases and appearances, have access to limited-edition merchandise and content, are invited to provide feedback to the organization and receive invitations to member-only local events across the country.

Founders Brewing Co. Cadre Logo Strip for Blue Flame Thinking
Join the Cadre for Founders brewing Co.
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By the Numbers

Capturing and analyzing the registration information and Cadre demographics enables Founders to better target email drip campaigns, geo-target special events for maximum effectiveness and stay in sync with the needs and preferences of its expanding fan base. So how many of these self-identified influencers could there be? Hundreds? Try thousands, to date there are over 20k highly engaged Cadre users spreading their love of Founders.