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New Website & Service Restructuring

People moving through Marquette Associates' offices by Blue Flame Thinking.

When you’re in the business of selling expertise, your product is the people who provide it, which is why we helped Marquette Associates put a face—or more accurately—faces to their expertise when we collaborated to modernize its website and clarify its messaging.

As a longstanding and well-regarded investment consulting firm, Marquette Associates had assembled a massive library of thought capital that was well-used and valued by current clients, but the site needed updating for the way today’s users expect to interact with content. It also represented an untapped SEO goldmine, a situation also in need of correcting. Additionally, the overall structure of the site lacked the clear messaging that would help new prospects understand the scope of services and value Marquette Associates brings to its engagements.

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Marquette Associates Expert Panel Design by Blue Flame Thinking
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User flow chart created by Blue Flame Thinking for Marquette Associates.

Creating a smarter search function

Given the extent of the content, the development of a user flow that better aligned with how people search was the first order of business, followed by the creation of a filtering system and relational matrix that enabled older, but relevant posts to be served up for given market conditions.

Marquette Associates related content system by Blue Flame Thinking
Marquette Associates chart of the week by Blue Flame Thinking

New Website Results

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