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As a longstanding and well-regarded investment consulting firm, Marquette Associates had assembled a massive library of thought capital that was well-used and valued by current clients, but the site needed updating for the way today’s users expect to interact with content. It also represented an untapped SEO goldmine, a situation also in need of correcting. Additionally, the overall structure of the site lacked the clear messaging that would help new prospects understand the scope of services and value Marquette Associates brings to its engagements.

Marquette Associates statistics

The company’s line of business and services were made clearer on the homepage along with what Marquette Associates’ team members are experts in. The recommended design literally gave face to this expertise by putting the people of Marquette, along with their credentials front and center. Their photos were tagged to their online posts and LinkedIn profiles, establishing and promoting their positions as thought leaders in the industry.

Marquette Associates Expert Panel Design by Blue Flame Thinking

Given the extent of the content, the development of a user flow that better aligned with how people search was the first order of business, followed by the creation of a filtering system and relational matrix that enabled older, but relevant posts to be served up for given market conditions.

User flow chart created by Blue Flame Thinking for Marquette Associates.
Marquette Associates website redesign content strategy

Regardless of its age, Marquette Associates’ research cycles into and out of relevance with market moves. Several hundred articles made the trip to the new CMS with author attribution and no SEO loss. New articles are added weekly to the growing catalog of thought capital.

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