Susan Bray

Chief Strategist & Head of Financial Services

Susan Bray, Director of Strategy at Blue Flame ThInking
17 Years at BFT


W3 Silver Award, Davey Silver Award, Financial Communications Society Portfolio Awards

It starts with strategy…and Susan. She oversees the research, discovery and analysis that informs our brand-building and marketing campaign strategies. For Susan, it’s not just about the thinking at the onset of a project. It’s also about connecting the dots throughout, being ready to spot opportunities and helping guide client initiatives to smooth launches.

While Susan has made BFT her work home for more than a decade, she leverages her previous client-side experiences as Director of Marketing at Morningstar Investment Services and Director, Marketing Communications at Business Logic to develop strategies and tactics that will deliver against their campaign objectives. Having spent much of her career working with financial companies, Susan is among the SMEs we rely on when creating solutions for our financial clients.

Strategy is the glue that holds everything together.

Fast Facts:

  • An urban-minded suburbanite.
  • Admits to being a little bit competitive.
  • Never stop asking questions.
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