Trade Show Support

ShapeLog high-value mailer featured image by Blue Flame Thinking

ShapeLog can make a dumbbell as smart as the latest fitness accessory…a fact we used to base their direct mail campaign on.

As a fitness technology startup with a sensor product that gathers information as users interact with exercise equipment—no watch or personal data input needed—ShapeLog has something revolutionary to offer both fitness firms and equipment makers. With the company about to attend a major industry trade show, the goal wasn’t just to be seen—it was to interact with 20+ key industry leaders. To ensure it did, ShapeLog approached us to concept and create a highly targeted direct mail piece no one could ignore.

The advantage of using a five-pound weight for a direct mail campaign is that it’s very hard to not to interact with it. Response to the mailing was swift and the meetings ShapeLog sought to set up in advance of the trade show appearance were scheduled.

ShapeLog premium mailer insert and weight by Blue Flame Thinking
ShapeLog premium mailer stack by Blue Flame Thinking
ShapeLog 5lb weight by Blue Flame Thinking

After succeeding in getting the attention it wanted, Shapelog partnered further with BFT to ensure it made the most of the upcoming meetings. We helped the firm design a user interface to assist the OEM executives in envisioning how the product might connect with, or supplement, programs they already offered.

ShapeLog dashboard design by Blue Flame Thinking
ShapeLog watch mockup design by Blue Flame Thinking

Trade Show Support Results

With a highly targeted mailing list, we helped ShapeLog convert its trade show appearance into the industry connections it sought.