Standard Lifters

New Website

Close up of pilot ejectors in a die

A manufacturer of high-quality die components for metal stamping, Standard Lifters has led innovation in an industry that typically relies on more traditional approaches. We partnered with them to create a vastly improved user experience that delivers on brand promises of superior innovation and customer service.

Blue Flame Thinking was asked to modernize the Standard Lifters website in order to better communicate the company’s advancements and innovative practicesOn top of improving site performance across devicesthere was also a clear need for users to gain access more easily to product information and for new product enhancements to be highlighted 

Showcasing Innovation

We worked with Standard Lifters to give their new website a more modern feel. It also needed to better represent how they’ve evolved into an innovative supplier of die components that deliver longer life, more stamping uptime, and improved stamping quality.

Standard Lifters new website product page design example

Connecting With Two Key Audiences 

The new site engages with two distinct audiences at different stages of their user journeys and with unique information needs. One is those audiences are users who want to know more about Standard Lifters’ culture of innovation and customer service, as well as how they offer significant advantages to die designers and stampers. The other audience is those who already know Standard Lifters and need quick, user-friendly access to product specifications and other information for die designs and routine maintenance. 

Putting the Spotlight on Innovative Components

We developed site functionality to automatically highlight the best, most robust products for any given application. This highlights Standard Lifters’ innovative approach and service focus that always puts the customer first.  

Customizing the Experience for Key Customers

In order to better support key customers, we created individual pages to give them easier access to the most essential product information. By filling out a simple form, top customers can gain access to product specifications and data that are tailored to their applications. 

Solid Results