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SmartAttach™ Automated Nutplate Installation System Product Launch

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Is your marketing communications development process nimble enough to keep up with engineered product launches where speed to market is everything? We love getting it done in the thick of things where marketing objectives, specifications and even the product name are morphing by the minute.

JR Automation, a global leader in automated manufacturing technology systems, asked us to help them launch a revolutionary assembly system for aerospace manufacturing. Doing it right meant rapidly gaining deep market understanding and working in tandem with their fast-paced product development program.

JR Automation Aerospace Manufacturing Product Launch Assembly Solution

A Solution to a Time-Consuming Assembly Problem

A typical commercial passenger aircraft incorporates about 25,000 nutplates, riveted-on anchoring points for access panels and other removable components. Until JR Automation developed their SmartAttach™ system, no one else had succeeded in automating the time-, labor- and space-intensive manual drilling and riveting operations for installing nutplates.

Gaining Critical Market Understanding

JR Automation supplied us with in-depth market and technology background, which we supplemented with our own secondary research to frame up an understanding of how best to launch the new product. A key discovery was that the aerospace market was so firmly wedded to conventional rivet attachment technology that it might hesitate to embrace an automation solution that had proved elusive for decades.

Sales Deck for Direct Selling

To support JR Automation’s initial market introductions to Tier 1 and Tier 2 aerospace suppliers, we developed a selling presentation that reviewed the technology and market background to underscore the need for a time and money-saving solution to help them solve production backlog problems. As the product neared a market-ready state, we worked with JR Automation’s product development team to refine 3D product renderings to lend clarity and power to the sales presentation.

JR Automation Aerospace Manufacturing Product Launch Website Landing Page

Website Landing Page to Capture and Funnel Leads

For identifying leads from organic search and proactive communications tools, we created a landing page that summarizes the benefits and key design features of the SmartAttach system. The page includes an embedded contact form for capturing both inquirer and application information.


We developed product literature for both digital and print distribution. This piece highlights the product’s fast cycle times, greatly improved precision, fast tooling changeouts and floor space reduction benefits, along with its full industrial IoT capabilities.

JR Automation Aerospace Manufacturing Product Launch Literature