Aggressive Tooling, Inc.

New Website and Story

Header image showing Aggressive Tooling employee using a machine to cut metal

Manufacturing client Aggressive Tooling came to us looking to create a site showcasing the company's innovation and expertise, highlighting the diversity of their products and services.

Aggressive Tooling specializes in designing and producing turnkey equipment that assures and verifies dimensional accuracy and compliance of components of all sizes. Their new website puts their products and thinking front and center, enabling them to stand apart, position their latest offerings, and better engage with their existing and potential customers.

Screenshot of the Aggressive Tooling website showing the products section

Positioned to Showcase Products and Capabilities

Aggressive Tooling’s new website showcases its complete set of custom solutions, capabilities, and products, significantly more robust than its previous site portrayed. We split out each offering and built individual pages to better index for organic traffic and help customers find what they’re looking for right away.

Screenshot of the Aggressive Tooling website showing the capabilities section on both desktop and mobile

A Brand New Look and Feel

A central part of our engagement was to help Aggressive Tooling modernize the look and feel of its website. We kept the core elements of the existing brand. We introduced a new color pallet that brightened the feel, cohesive iconography that helped users find categories faster, and unique brand elements harmonized with the existing logo.

Screenshot of the Aggressive Tooling website showing icons and text representing a few of the benefits of working for them

Recruitment is Half the Battle

While Aggressive Tooling has an impressive employee retention rate, they have the same challenge of finding new employees as their service offerings and business growth. We built a new Careers section of the site to help job seekers understand what it feels like to be part of the Agg Tool Team.

  • High School Credits
  • Apprenticeship Opportunities
  • Full Listing of Open Opportunities
  • Perk and Benefits
Screenshot of the Aggressive Tooling website showing a few sections of the careers page