Improved Lead Generation System

Various devices showing NFCC Locater page developed by Blue Flame Thinking.

With dozens of member agencies and multiple campaigns running year-round, NFCC needed to rethink its process to reduce drop-offs and improve the quality of the leads it generates.

Building on what we’ve learned about the users of NFCC’s financial counseling services through our multi-year collaboration, and an extensive review of the analytics around the intake process, we simplified the lead gen intake system for users. This increased the quality of leads being referred to the member agencies for services.

NFCC Online Form Mobile Flows by Blue Flame Thinking

The new system fully integrates with the existing NFCC customized round-robin lead system to evenly distribute referrals across agencies. It also now aligns with the appropriate reporting structures.

NFCC Online Locator Mobile View by Blue Flame Thinking

New Lead Gen Intake System Results