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As North America’s leading specialty vehicle manufacturer and assembler, Spartan Motors has experienced impressive growth over the past four decades. With the accompanying expansion in its portfolio of brands, Spartan needed a strategic website redesign to accurately reflect the current state of the organization and accommodate its ongoing expansion.

As a company dedicated to performing due diligence, Spartan Motors partnered with us to facilitate a series of six stakeholder workshops, in multiple locations. The purpose was to lay the groundwork for the family of websites and ensure that the ensuing recommendations would achieve the company’s overall goals.

Each industry Spartan serves has a unique self-identifying customer base, sales approach, and distribution model. One site to handle everything was not going to work. Instead, we worked together to create a common theme to unite each brand to the corporate website, while remaining flexible enough to accommodate the differences of each brand.

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While the majority of the business segments expressed similar target audiences and standard requirements, each one had a distinct set of specialized user needs to support on their website.

As web content pertaining to each distinct specialty vehicle segment was spun off from the main corporate site, a sustainable launch and migration plan was executed to decouple existing content and ensure the correct redirects were implemented.

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The creation of a modular component-based CMS structure allowed all business units to benefit from the development of common website components and speed the time to delivery for consecutive sites and potential future acquisitions.

Integration with Salesforce, Pardot, HR Management Services, Spartan Motor’s Investor site and several existing legacy systems was facilitated.

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