Fairmount Santrol

Improved User Experience

Product banner created by Blue Flame Thinking featuring Fairmount Santrol's Proppant technology.

Using analytics to identify gaps and issues with the user journey, we worked with Fairmont Santrol to improve the effectiveness of its online product catalog.

Sometimes, the amount of time spent on a corporate website can be an indicator that customers are having a hard time finding what they need. In Fairmont Santrol’s case, which has a highly complex product offering, this is exactly what was happening. The company offers a wide range of products across the mining and drilling industries. Each has its own distinct set of attributes and uses. We narrowed the focus to shorten the sales cycle–and site visitors’ frustration—by giving customers a clearer path to purchase.

Creating Product Family Comparisons

Borrowing from consumer industries like the telecommunications and cable space, we recommended that product families be grouped together to make them easier to filter and to allow for side-by-side comparison.

Fairmount Santrol product information design by Blue Flame Thinking Client
Fairmount Santrol Product Family grid design by Blue Flame Thinking Client

An Agile Approach

After testing the new approach on one product line, and seeing how much more effective it was, the new format was applied to all product lines across the company.