3 Questions With Digital Marketing Coordinator Sydney Barcey

Team BFT

Sydney believes in pushing herself by having the courage to try new things and being brave enough to make mistakes. These traits are helping her learn how to be the best version of herself, both in and outside of work. Learn more about what makes our Digital Marketing Coordinator tick!

What do you think is the biggest advantage for companies when they go through digital marketing transformation? How can companies benefit from digital marketing?

A big advantage is staying relevant in such a crowded and cluttered world. When companies transform to digital, they are allowing their users to be better informed and trust their brand over a competitor’s. The benefit to digital marketing is that you can remind users of your products and services by remaining top of mind and being available with relevant resources whenever your audience has an interest in and need for your brand.

What is the most important aspect of SEO that is often overlooked?

SEO can be low cost, but it can pay off immensely in the long run. It isn’t something that can be replaced by SEM, but if both are used wisely, it can help companies with their visibility and relevance to a huge customer base. Google isn’t going away, so you can bet that SEO will help brands not only now but as they grow and evolve over time.

If you could master one new skill by year-end, what would it be and why?

Playing the piano! I’ve always wanted to learn and the piano is such a beautiful instrument.

Thanks, Sydney! We look forward to working together to find our better.