3 Questions with Tyler Wayner

Blue Flame Thinking's Tyler Wayner bio pic and chalk drawing

Tyler Wayner, Junior Designer at Blue Flame Thinking

From creating GIFs for our clients’ social posts to designing their websites, Tyler Wayner leaves his mark on a wide variety of projects for Blue Flame Thinking. After he was named Employee of the Month this past October, we sat down with him to better understand the man, the myth and the legend. Here’s what we learned instead.

  1. Why digital design and what is it about your work as a designer that gets you out of bed every morning?

I love making things that people want to interact with. I also just like solving problems. At Blue Flame Thinking, I’m not stuck doing the same thing day after day. One day, I get to redesign a pool manufacturing company’s website. The next, I animate a series of Little Red Riding Hood GIFs for a blog post. Then, I turn around and design an iPad app for a big trade show. The next week, I work with the Dev team writing code for a financial client’s website. Also, there is always more to learn and new technologies or techniques to adapt for use in the next project.

  1. Why are cats, the most antisocial of domesticated animals, so “memeable” on social media? And, which one is your favorite…meme that is?

I couldn’t tell you why cats. In my opinion, they are the most disagreeable pets in existence—one that wouldn’t hesitate to eat your face off if you died (known fact!)So I don’t know why they are used as memes so much. They are cute as kittens but outgrow that quickly to become stuck-up hairballs with claws—personal experience talking.

Now, here’s a meme worth remembering:

Tyler Wayner 3 questions Quote Image

  1. If BFT were recast as a Star Wars movie, which character would you be?

Obi-Wan Kenobi because the Facebook quiz told me so. According to this insightful piece of analysis, I am civilized, calm and have a good sense of humor, even when those around me don’t. I can hold my own in a fight but prefer it when things don’t get too exciting. All in all, I’d say that seems pretty accurate…and I’m okay with it.

We are, too. Thanks, Tyler!