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Finding Their Better: Pentair Pools Takes Silver

Steve Schmieder | Aug 02, 2017

Pentair took home the Silver at Chief Marketer’s PRO Awards for “Best Holiday or Seasonal-Themed Campaign.” Now, since awards are simply affirmations of outstanding results, we’d like to help Pentair show off those results.

The award-winning campaign, which featured a rebate program, not only generated millions of impressions but also converted those impressions into sales through 8,000 redeemed rebates, a 150% increase over the prior year.

The campaign, designed by Blue Flame Thinking, involved a multi-channel strategy that leveraged the role pool retailers play in the selection of equipment. Advertising, social media content, beach balls, website overhauls, and retailer competitions all worked together to convert a swarm of impressions into sales.

As always, we are thrilled to be a part of Pentair’s continued success and recognition. We look forward to spending more time in the pool with Pentair (figuratively speaking, of course) and working to find our better together.

Steve Schmieder - CEO and Founder

Steve continually calls upon his 30 years of marketing expertise to help clients and their brands get to a better place.

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