Monday AM Quarterbacking: The LII-Edition

Blue Flame Thinking 2018 Super Bowl ad review
Team BFT

While the outcome of the Super Bowl was in doubt up until the end, the advertising challenge was settled early—at least on Twitter, where Tide took the prize for using David Harbour (aka, Chief Hopper from Stranger Things) to turn every commercial into a potential Tide ad. It literally, if you will, cleaned up in terms of national acclaim.

That said, on Monday morning, what still resonated with people in our office was a bit different. Here are some of our thoughts…

I liked the RAM and Viking commercial! Loved seeing all of the Vikings in the bed of the truck pulling their boat heading for the Super Bowl, and then after they discovered that the Vikings weren’t in the Super Bowl they do a U-turn and head back. Once they hit the water and their boat was towing the truck—that made me laugh! It was rugged, dramatic and humorous! –Sherry Kas

Amazon made me laugh multiple times. It was the perfect SNL skit. Not only was it a bold way to poke some fun and generate product interest, but it also made me wonder about what’s yet to come on the personalization front. Would have been fun to be on that shoot! –Susan Bray

Stella Artois had already gotten me. I bought the India chalice! I love that they used their platform for reaching millions of viewers to inspire action and make a positive impact for people in need. Although, T-Mobile’s baby ad had my full attention, even though I had no idea what it was for until they smacked their logo on it! –Natalie Suttorp

My absolute favorite was Kia’s “Feel Something Again.” “Dream On” was a coming of age song for me, and it always brings me back to a world inhabited by possibility. That song has a curious way of looking both back and forward, and this spot captures that masterfully. Just love the production values and the unexpected visual twists woven together so seamlessly. Anything that could get me excited about a Kia, much less one that’s predictably red, just dings it. –Chris Beaudoin

While most of the commercials I remember every year are filled with puppies or avocados, one that really stuck out to me this year was Verizon’s emotional, heartwarming spot. Rather than an overly done ad about their services, Verizon took time to showcase first responders who do so much for those affected by catastrophic events. There are so many servicemen and women working their hardest, and I felt like this was a really great way of honoring what they do each and every day. –Addie Whelan

The Verizon “Thank First Responders” spot was great. Nice sentiment. Warm fuzzies all around. –Tim Todish

I loved the Peter Dinklage/Doritos ad rap battle against the Morgan Freeman/Mountain Dew one. Both actors totally embodied their respective personas in a way that it was hard to imagine anyone else pulling it off. It was funny and unexpected, and I thought it was clever how they came together at the end. And, the Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott cameos were a perfect touch. –Ruth Rich

I spend a lot of time thinking about how financial companies can creatively express their value proposition. I thought Rocket Mortgage’s commercial with Keegan-Michael Key was spot on by literally making the complex simple for everyone. –Gayle Ronan

The Australia Tourism Board ad (fake Crocodile Dundee movie trailer) was well done. I really liked how it was the “punch line” of an elaborate hoax leading up to the Super Bowl where the supposed movie, “Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home,” had been announced weeks ago along with a website, social media posts and real-looking trailers. –Bill Barsanti

I thought Tide stood out. They spent a lot of money but got people talking and thinking about them. (Is this really a Tide ad?) Innovative way to get the most out of their Super Bowl spend. –Dave Niemi

Pringles, Bud Light and M&Ms felt to me the most entertaining. Sure, nothing of substance in them, but I don’t want substance from my Super Bowl ads. Those three were the only ones I saw that elicited at least a minor snort of amusement from me. Besides, Danny DeVito is comedic gold with physical comedy. –Josh Stauffer

Honorable Mention…

Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr.’s ode to football was also engaging, especially watching the two recreating the final dance from Dirty Dancing as professional football players. It was a fitting end to the 2017 season.