Other Voices: November 18, 2016

Written by

Julie Helgesen

Senior Designer

With a knack for interpreting and translating complicated data into compelling and creative visual stories and interactive charts, Julie’s work can be found enhancing many of our clients’ websites and social posts. With more than 30 years of experience in design, she has spent most of them with BFT, working across our firm’s capabilities. From website design to creating hand-drawn illustrations, she excels at turning strategic insight into art.

It’s easy to master the tools, but experimentation, creativity, the ability to embrace mistakes and push beyond your comfort zone are where big ideas come from.

Fast Facts:

  • Watercolor illustrator..
  • Kayaking.
  • Never stops looking for inspiration…even the panic of a looming deadline can inspire great work when you are open to it.

Gayle Ronan

Content Director

As Content Director, Gayle oversees editorial creation across the firm. With a financial background in providing banking and wealth management services—and later covering business, investment and personal finance topics for media outlets like MSNBC and Bloomberg—Gayle is most often attached to our professional service clients’ projects. With an ability to match her writing tone to the client or publication, Gayle writes across all channels, from digital ad campaigns and social media posts to blogs, authored articles and researched papers…with a few brochures and website refreshes thrown in.

Whether it’s marketing content or writing under my own byline, the goal is always about making complex concepts and products understandable to those who use them.

Fast Facts:

  • Actually likes walking the dog.
  • A fan of good street art.
  • If forced, would choose clothes over food…and actually has!

Also credited: Phil Bernabe, Addie Whelan

With an industry that is heavily influenced by newsworthy and timely events, there’s always a lot to catch up on at the end of the week. Introducing BFT’s “Other Voices,” a feature that shares what you need to know now. Read below for more.

9 of the Most Beautiful Branding Identities in Banking

It’s wonderful to see the typically conservative financial industry embracing the importance of a visually compelling brand. The examples shown in this article are hip and innovative and really speak to the consumer in a bold and straightforward way. These unique brands have impact across all mediums—even brick-and-mortar applications dazzle. I hope this is highly contagious to the rest of the financial industry!
— Julie Helgesen, Art Director

7 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2017

As 2016 winds down, it’s a good time to reflect on what we have learned from this year’s digital developments that will impact 2017. Understanding these trends will allow marketers to have the foresight to stay ahead of the competition.

Trends to be aware of in 2017:

  • Consumers are ready for augmented reality.
  • Live video streaming will be utilized by brands and consumers more than ever.
  • Data visualization tools will lead the way for analysis and interpretation.
  • Native advertising will become more efficient.
  • Brands will opt for targeting smaller audiences.
  • Consumers will expect immersive experiences with content marketing.
  • Condensing content and messaging will be key to standing out.
    — Phil Bernabe, Account Manager

Deals and Discounts: What Trump’s Win Could Mean for Holiday Sales

Because of the recent changes in the market after the presidential election, analysts are predicting shoppers to be very cautious with their spending. However, that will inspire brands to create more promotions and bigger sales, incentivizing customers to make their holiday purchases. Analysts are also predicting that consumers will hold off on their big purchases (like homes, cars, boats, etc.) until the market stabilizes.
— Sandy Bailey, Office Coordinator

5 Things Your Brand Isn’t Doing On LinkedIn (But Should Be)

LinkedIn is a great space to connect with future clients, future employees and future opportunities. However, this channel is definitely not a place to share opinion articles or political pieces. Instead, Hootsuite suggests brands use LinkedIn as a space to share quality content that engages with their audiences. For example, LinkedIn’s SlideShare is a great way to not only capture leads but also teach your audience about a topic of your choice.
— Addie Whelan, Social Media Coordinator

4 Scrappy Content Hacks for Your Marketing Toolbox

The best use of corporate content isn’t a “one and done” approach. When a company goes to the trouble of hiring a writing team to craft content to reinforce messaging, that content typically has a pretty long shelf life. Creating more shouldn’t be the only point of a content marketing strategy. For a strategy to work on all cylinders, it benefits from curating, reissuing and repurposing across media channels in order to keep reaching different audiences.
— Gayle Ronan, Director of Content